Product description

AERO NET Superheavy – Innovative net for wrapping heavy bales.

AERO NET is agricultural net made of high quality HDPE polimers. As a result this is a modern product that faces the expectations of every customer.

AERO NET allow to make a bale of an ideal shape, which minimalizes gas exchange and makes it easier to wrap with film. This infuences positively to the final quality of the silage.

Special resin and prestretch system, can provide the biggest strength on market - up to 320 kg/m2.

You can even reduce up to 20-30% layers of net with the same effect, or with the same amount of layers -  you will get much better shape of bale. This will be a visible cost saving in your pocket.

When raining, unique structure of AERO NET allows smoothly flowing down the water, so straw, hay or alfalfa isn't so wet, when is stored outside.

Increasing breaking strength we also reduced weight of roll. Lighter roll for your easier work.
Thanks to this technology you can be sure, that even the longest and biggest roll of AERO NET will work with your baler.

With new generation of nets give you can be sure, that with 2 rolls of 4200m net you will work all day, binding all crop on every baler machine.

Produced from the best material on newest Karl Mayer machine, AERO NET perfectly holds a bale from edge to edge.
Widther net (130 cm), slightly covers sides of bales due to COVER-EDGE technology. This is ultimate prevent for your silage.

Flexibility and durability of the net allows tight wrapping of the material prepared for storage, at the same time prevents wasting it. This also facilitates transport and later storage.

Thanks to it's versatile use AERO NET allows efective work in any weather conditions and in any latitude.

The lenght of AERO NET (up to 4200m) gives you working comfort because it reduces the loss of time for frequent changing the roles.

The applied UV filters protect the material for up to even up to 24 months.

High strength of AERO NET perfectly shapes bales of grass, alfalfa, maize, sugar beet pulp, sorghum, tropical silage, fruit peels, turf and even the non agricultural materials like industrial garbages or waste.

To make the work easier, each roll has a clear marking 50m before the end.

Faced the needs of the market,we can fit the size of the net to individual demands of our customer (width between 123 cm to 130 cm).
To give customers full satisfy, we offer a wide range of AERO NET width's: from 20cm to 190cm. Ask for your custom size and length.


AERO NET Superheavy






Standard size:

123 cm (optionally up to 130cm)

Breaking strength

320 kg /m²




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